About Us

Bluewaves Media – a leading mobile messaging and digital application development organization and the premium channel partner of Vodafone. Its journey began way back in 2009 and has achieved many milestones in the past 9 years, in the field of mobile messaging, VOICE messaging, mobile messaging platform, Short-Code integration and other digital solutions, opting the best available technologies.

Our core focus is on Digital Branding and Promotional Adverting along with the Mobile solutions and VAS.We connect brands to customers, and we do it in a result oriented totally integrated, top to bottom manner.

In a continent where economic progress and social reforms are critical goals, Blue Waves Media enriches lives, by offering solutions for knowledge, information, leisure and business

Why choose us?

"Make your marketing strategies useful so that people will pay for it". We at Bluewaves Media follows this principle rigidly. As nowadays marketing is not about medium it is about relationship and one can’t build up a relationship by mere selling the product/service, Consultancy or guidance is what requires the most in today’s competitive environment because to catch the fish in your net is not the goal anymore but to retain them in your net for long is the real challenge.

We at Bluewaves Media believes in providing updated and ground breaking services implementing innovative technologies to leverage growth of our clients.

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